How important a role does a router play in internet speed?

Slow internet connections is one of the few annoying things that can rile up even the mildest of personalities. Whether it is trying to finish off some pending work you brought back home from the office or just browsing through your Facebook feed to see who’s friend is doing what, a slow internet speed has driven all of us over the edge of crazy.

If it is a regular problem, you will want to invest in a different type of connection or upgrade your bandwidth. And when nothing works, you will change your service provider. But before you do all this, hold your horses! Maybe there is something you ought to do before you start investing all that hard-earned money.

The modem and the router that connect your devices to the internet could be a potential cause of slow internet. Before you start changing everything else, let us take a look at what these two devices are up to and if you can improve them first.

  • Most service providers sell the modem and router as one device along with your internet subscription. These devices have a life-span of no more than 3 to 5 years. If you know that yours have been struggling in providing you with lightening-fast internet speed, it is time you ditch them and invest in new ones.
  • The location of your router plays a very important role, the modem not that much. If you detect weak Wifi signals, it is because something is obstructing the path between your router and your device. A bad idea is to keep the router in the attic or the closet. With obstructions like walls and doors, your router could potentially hamper the speed of your internet. Hurry up, give your router a place to breathe.
  • Protection is another key factor that can up or down your internet speed. Remember all those jokes about using the neighbor’s Wifi? What if someone is doing that to you? Your neighbors could be downloading torrents while you struggle to refresh your Instagram feed, the horror! So, always keep your Wifi connection password-protected.

Now you know more about your modem and router, and the important role they play in bringing you fast, uninterrupted internet, you may want to apply the above-mentioned tips to see if you can improve your internet speed. To know the difference, you can check the speed of your internet at mywifispeed.

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