Why does the wifi router speed fluctuate so much

Fluctuating router speed has the potential to drive us helplessly crazy. Read on to find out how you can make your online life better by fixing this problem.


Wifi Speed Fluctuation

One minute you are streaming a video online and the next you are unable to even get your Instagram speed. What happened to make such a sudden fluctuation in your internet speed? If your internet at home is running entirely on a Wifi connection, perhaps it is time you took a closer look at what makes it fluctuate so much.

  • Perhaps it is your internet connection that is to be blamed? Connect your router to a computer with an Ethernet cable and test your Internet connection on mywifispeed. If it does give trouble even with an Ethernet connection, it is best that you take this up with your service provider. If you can improve your internet connection, you will have no trouble with the speed in the future.
  • Your modem and your router must be upgraded to the latest firmware. Keep an eye out for all the latest versions and patches that are released for both these devices and ensure that you are keeping them updated.
  • The location of your Wifi router is supremely important. You can keep your modem in the attic or the basement. But keeping your router in these places is a strict no-no. You see, obstructions like doors and walls between your router and the device can potentially hamper your internet speed.
  • A Wifi channel that is unoccupied by your neighbor’s router will give you optimal speed. There are tons of applications in the market that you can use to scan Wifi channels. Select the one that is free and switch your router to it.
  • The stick-like thing on your router is more significant than you could have imagined. This antenna is usually detachable from the router device. If you can, invest in a longer antenna; because the longer the antenna, the better the speed.

Next time your internet speed fluctuates, you know what to do to make it right. When everything else fails, know that you might have to replace your router. The typical life-span of a router is not more than five years. So make sure you replace your router before this time is up.

2 thoughts on “Why does the wifi router speed fluctuate so much

  • Everything remaining the same (ie same fibre modem, ethernet cable, desktop computer, andriod mobile phone) I changed my router and found that the download stability of my internet connection fluctuates from 20% to 80%. Is this “normal”?

    • Hi Steven,

      Router can not be the primarily reason for internet connection fluctuation. It could be from your internet connection provider as well! You can try testing your old router once again and see if you still face the same issue and in that case it’s worth checking with your internet connection provider!

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