Wifi and Internet: What is the difference?

You think that Wifi and the Internet are the same thing until and unless someone happens to ask you the question. It’s only then that your head starts working in that direction. Don’t worry, you ain’t alone! We’ve all been there, faced that! While we know that there has to be a difference, surely they don’t mean the same thing, to actually be able to point out the difference is a whole ordeal altogether. All that is going to change, now that you have arrived on this page. Read on to educate yourself on the biggest question of all times: What is the difference between Wifi and the Internet?

The reason the two terms have become synonymous is because we use the Wifi to access the Internet. Since there is no other real use for the layman, Wifi has eventually ended up meaning Internet.

When we didn’t have Wifi, we had a complex network of cables scurrying around carrying information from one your home to your service provider. These cables were similar to, and as annoying as, those phone cables meshed around connecting your landline to your service provider. After we realized we couldn’t do with any more wires in our lives, we finally switched to Wifi networks, which essentially mean Wireless networks. This wireless network still connects your device to your service provider, only you don’t see it doing so using complicated cables and wires.

What you use this Wifi for is the Internet. Internet is a worldwide network, connecting people from one end of the earth to another. Also known as Wide Area Network (WAN), what the Internet really does is connect multiple local networks together. It does so by using the device in your home that you call the router. So, once you connect yourself to the Internet, you become part of the world-wide network called the Internet.

How does this impact you? While you may pay a lot of money to your service provider for high bandwidth, you may not always get fast internet speed. The speed of the Internet is beyond our control. A strong Wifi signal might sometimes result in excruciatingly slow Internet speed. But there’s good news: you can always find out the speed of your Internet connection by logging on to Mywifispeed.

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