Is a speed test required on your broadband

Slow-crawling internet or lightening-speed internet, if you have an internet connection, you know that you have no control over the speed. But can you know it? Read on to find out.

Internet speed

Even if you have invested in the highest bandwidth of your broadband connection, be truthful to us and admit that there have been times when you feel that your internet could do better than this. No matter how much money you spend on your internet connection, your internet speed is not something you have complete control on. Having said that, there’s nobody stopping you from checking exactly how fast or how slow your internet is at any given point in time. Yes, you can and you must perform a speed test whenever you can, and what’s more! Here are three reasons that will compel you to conduct a speed test on your broadband.

  • Your internet service provider has been the best in the locality and you decide to go for it. To ensure that you get high-speed internet, you invest in the highest bandwidth and the best router-modem equipment. But what if you are not getting your money’s worth? To find out whether you are zooming through the internet or barely crawling along, visit ⦁ mywifispeed. If you are really crawling along, maybe it is time to make a switch and find yourself a better service provider.
  • You get excellent service when you are in the living room but struggle to check your Facebook feed when you are cozied up in your bed? Or perhaps you have excellent service when you are connected via an Ethernet cable but the Wi-Fi signal struggles to barely make it. Conduct multiple speed tests across your house on different connections and find a suitable resolution for your internet speed problems.
  • To most of us, broadband packages just mean a little more than gibberish. It is very difficult to understand the difference between “up to 36MB” and “up to 76MB”. We obviously understand that one is faster than the other, but how much faster? Is the money worth all that speed? Or could we comfortably do with something that claims to be lower. The answer to all these questions lies in conducting a speed test.

The reasons to conduct a speed test on your broadband are endless, but we hope we have convinced you with the top three ones. Did this page take too long to load? Or did it happen within the blink of an eye? Should you change your service provider? Or the location of your router? Find out today by visiting mywifispeed.

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