Three ways to protect your Wifi connection from hackers

Stopping hackers from stealing your internet connection could be impossible, but you can certainly make it more difficult for them by following some simple steps.



The world is full of freeloaders, and when it comes to your internet connection, there are quite a many miscreants out there who are waiting to mooch off of you. Because you cannot keep an eye on where your wireless signals travel, you can certainly make your internet connection a little more secure to make sure that nobody is getting the better of you. Read on to find out how you can keep your connection safe from hackers.



Use the firewall: Your Wifi router comes with a built-in firewall. See that you enable it so that your network is less visible to others. Some routers come with a stealth mode, which essentially means that you can turn it on to reduce the visibility of your internet connection.

No Admin via Wireless: Your router comes with a feature called Admin via Wireless. With this feature turned off, you will have administrator privileges only if your device is physically connected to the router by an Ethernet cable. Therefore, it is good idea to never keep this feature enabled.

Personal VPN: Gone are the days when VPN (Virtual Private Network) was a commodity that could be afforded by only large corporations. Invest in a personal VPN service that comes for a minimal monthly fee to stop those hackers from intruding your network with proxied IP addresses and strong encryption processes.

While these methods will not necessarily make your connection hacker-proof, they will certainly make it a lot more difficult to target for hacking. To check your internet speed, visit mywifispeed.

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