Reasons for Slow Mobile Internet Speeds

Did you ever get irritated with your phone because it required more than five minutes for the browser to load? Before you start criticizing your old phone, check out these factors which may be causing a slow internet connection and are reasons for Slow Mobile Internet Speeds.

If you are on Wi-Fi, the internet of your phone can be sluggish due to the position of your router, or the number of users who share the connection. If you’re out in the world, the internet on your phone could be slow due to your network provider and your location.

Main Reasons for Slow Mobile Internet Speeds

If your phone’s internet connection is slow and takes a long time to load while connected to Wi-Fi, there are a few reasons:

1. Multiple Users For One Wifi Connection:

There is so much bandwidth out there, and if your roommates stream a movie in the other room, it will surely make your connectivity fail. Just watch out and don’t send too many people your Wi-Fi username simultaneously.

2. Router location:

One basic but unnoticed factor due to which your WiFi-connected phone could experience internet lag is because of the position of your router. While WiFi has a strength of approximately 230 feet, the farther you are away from the router, the weaker the WiFi signal. The WiFi signal can also be compromised by massive things like doors and walls placed between you and the router.

Placing your router in a central position, ideally away from steel and concrete walls, or other large items like a chimney is suggested. As the router signal radiates from all four sides, blocking either side with large objects will affect the quality of your WiFi signal and consequently the Internet speed of your devices.

  • You get a clear signal when the icon is complete. This indicates you there might be different reasons for your slow internet.
  • Your signal is low when it’s empty. In this situation, other Wi-Fi devices such as your laptop will be affected too. Come closer to your router, and enhancing your signal intensity and internet speed.

3. Using a Slow VPN:

If you think why your internet phone all of a sudden becomes sluggish, it may be due to a change built on the phone itself. One reason may be to use a VPN which provides you online protection and privacy.

But did you realize your VPN option can have a big effect on your Internet speed?

Free VPN apps are known for delivering horrible results. If you’re using one, and you’re having sluggish Internet speeds, consider instantly removing it and see whether things are changing.

Many best premium VPN providers have iPhone and IOS applications with them. These platforms will promise you much better speeds than a free alternative, along with improved protection and safety advantages.

4. Wi-Fi Noise:

Many home electronic equipment transmits wireless signals at a frequency nearer to that of your router. So, before agreeing on the location of your router, see if there are any wireless devices around because they emit signals that can clash with the signal of your router.

Even though the ideal place for your router is in the center of your house, but if there is any wireless phone nearby, you shouldn’t put it there.

Wi-Fi is also vulnerable to noise from other household appliances. Things such as microwave ovens, wireless alarm systems, and cordless phones will mess with a router signal operating on the 2.4GHz band.

Most modern routers will operate on both the bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The latter is much less responsive to disruption. If you have a fairly recent router supporting this, you can dive into the settings of the router to make the update.

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