Why is the Internet working so slow?

What’s more frustrating than a slow Internet speed when you are having a great connection to wifi or Internet? I think nothing. Nothing is more disturbing than this. It usually happens to you too and you might do everything possible to speed up your connection.

Although most people encounter slow internet either at home or by using public hotspots, the good news is, there are measures that you can take to boost or solve the issue. In reality, only a few quick tips and tricks are often all you need, and you’ll be good to go.

Reasons Your Internet Might Be Slow

First of all figure out why is the internet connection so slow?

There are several reasons for internet access to be sluggish, but first, you need to test a few different reasons before you can recognize the problem.

There are occasionally rational aspects behind a slow connexion if you ‘re browsing during busy hours, other users might have a poor connection. For other instances, the error can be in your own equipment. 

In the context, smart TVs, smartphones, and various devices use the internet which can cause slower speeds.

Another explanation might be the router configuration and its incorrect settings.

Normally the router simply needs a restart, a software upgrade, or even a replacement with a more efficient or updated model. Today, the routers that are struggling to deliver might be fine ten years ago with good speeds so a simple change to a modern router is all you can do.

If you haven’t modified your internet provider you may still be accessing obsolete technologies, which greatly reduces the speed. So if you ask, “Why my internet is so sluggish right now,” the company may be at fault. Many internet providers limit the amount of data a user can send, and then reduce the access after exceeding the limit.

In certain cases, connectivity is the reason behind sluggish connectivity. You can be too far to experience fast speeds if you live in a big home and have the router located far away from you where you are present.

What Factors Are Affecting the Speed of Your Internet?

Software for Data Transfer: 

The equipment used for data transfer is the main factor influencing the broadband speed of fixed networks. Fiber optic and cable networks require high-speed connections, although conventional telephone network xDSL connections have limited maximum transmission rates.

Network centralizer: 

The speed of your connexion will also vary depending between the distance of your terminal unit and the centralizer of the network. The further from the broadband centralizer of the operator you live, the more this impacts the speed of your connection.

Other devices and users:

Many of us at home have several separate computers linked to the internet at once. If you use multiple services and you are not the network’s only user, this may cause the connectivity to slow down or disconnect.

What can fix Internet Speed?

  • Virus Scanner

The main thing you have to do is ensure that any virus itself is allowing you to slow down. Often viruses will live on your device and thus slow down your speeds by stealing energy away from what you are doing.

  • Check for on-system interference

Your virus scanner or other programs can sometimes interfere with your web speeds. This is truly annoying but you can check it out by simply turning things off one by one and then running a speed test again. Please remember that while doing so, you will not be accountable for any viruses or software you pick up. You should always have good protection against viruses.

  • Check your filters

When you have an internet connexion to a telephone line that also has a telephone on it then you’ll need to make sure you’ve installed high-quality philters on your line. They are small devices that you add to the telephone line and they help keep out the distractions. 

We hope now you are able to understand why your internet is working slow and how with few techniques you can fix it.

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