Best Tools to Test Internet Speed

Are you having difficulties with lagging internet speeds or interested in knowing how your internet provider actually works? Actually it’s hard to ascertain how fast your internet speed is without using an exact test. Top-quality internet speed tests will rapidly and effortlessly open up any confusion.

Best Internet Speed Testing Tools

Read the following internet speed testing tools to find out more about your upload and download rates, along with other useful details about your internet connection. is possibly the most common test for speed. It’s quick, accessible, and has a vast list of test locations around the world, making results more reliable than average.

Often, maintains a list of all the internet speed tests you do and generates attractive graphic reports that you can post online too. also provides smartphone applications for iPhone, IOS, and Windows, enabling you to evaluate the internet speed from the computer to their servers. Other Speedtest applications, as for Apple TV and Chrome, are also available.

The closest internet test server is easily calculated according to your IP address.

Bandwidth Place introduced a free, simple-to-use speed check for global Internet users in 2002. It has been running on HTML5 since 2013, which means it runs smoothly on mobile devices as well as desktop computers even without installing an app (such as

Bandwidth Place will quickly attach to a server that reacts with the fastest ping, or you can automatically pick one of about 20 available, and then download your results and post them.

You can’t save data, but if you use the same IP address to run several tests, you can show the results, however, you ‘ll have to manually write down the speed test results at various times of the day to get an average to see, for example, your provider throttles your speed at peak hours.

Apart from some of the other broadband speed testing tools on this list, Broadband Place does not compile the collected data into any sort of league standings or comparison service-it exists simply to show you how good your broadband speed is.

Internet Health Test

Internet health test is a great way to find out how good your internet is, and it’s really easy to use. While on the web, you will be asked by a pop-up if you wish to continue.

When approved, Internet Health Test will begin its five-step process and screen your Internet connection. This takes a little longer than most but it does allow five separate checks and it is ad-free.

Fusion Speed Test

Fusion’s bandwidth test (which used to be called Speakeasy) allows you to test your Internet speed back and forth through a list of server locations you can pick directly or have automatically picked for yourself.

Fusion may be of your taste if you are interested in checking the Internet speed between yourself and a limited location of the US versus the nearest possible server.

Google Speed Test

Anybody can use this fast little speed test, and as it comes from Google, it’s no wonder a reliable and successful test. It’s also one of the best speed tests we’ve ever done, clocking up for the entire test in just 10 to 15 seconds. The check offers information on download and upload rates, as well as ping, when complete.


USwitch’s broadband speed test is intended to measure the broadband speed and equate it to those in a similar region and help users determine whether to shift broadband service providers.

You will have to enter some information about your house, like your postcode and new supplier, and whether it is a home or business kit. You’ll also be asked by uSwitch to rate your supplier dependent on personal experience.

Cox Internet Speed Test 

As you might suspect, Cox Internet Speed Check is not just for Cox users. The normal stuff including downloading speeds and speed checkers but it can be lower than those on this list.

Here is the information about a few Internet speed testing tools


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