Internet speed myth busting

Like everywhere, myths and misnomers about Internet speed have been circulating around, and today we vow to bust some of them for you!

Testing Internet Speed

When you go to an ISP, they will try to entice you by throwing double-digit numbers followed by Mbps. These impressive numbers will force you to think that you will have fast internet speed, thereby helping your Internet work faster and better. But is that all required for your Internet connection? Join us as we bust some popular myths revolving around Internet speed and performance.

Having a 10Mbps connection will help me browse at that speed

This is the most popular myths that really should be blamed upon the service providers for false advertisement. 10Mbps is nothing but the maximum capacity rate of your connection.The speed is really dependant on the bandwidth, the latency, and the contention delays of the connection.

Small packets will minimize the impact of a packet loss

If the plane is small, will it be okay for it to crash? We think the same. Packet loss, however small the packets may be, is absolutely not tolerable and it implies that the entire network is not structured properly.
Speed triumphs quality
As always, quality matters no matter what. If there is data loss, retransmission of data, or duplicate packet transmission, having a good speed won’t fix anything. In fact, the speed of your internet connection will be severely hampered if quality is compromised.
The speed of the Internet connection remains constant irrespective of where the browser is reaching
The connection between the client machine and the server machine is highly dependant on not only the connection rate but also the physical distance between the two machines. Since your machine is going to be talking to a lot of machines across the globe, expecting the same experience is asking for a bit too much.
Increasing the speed of the connection from 10Mbps to 100Mbps will make the browsing experience ten times faster
Because the Mbps number indicates maximum capacity and not the speed, increasing the connection rate will affect only the capacity. You might be able to multitask more efficiently, but not necessarily at a faster rate.

With a connection of 100Mbps I can ensure that there is a lot of Internet capacity for my business

The product of the latency in the system and the bandwidth of your connection dictates the capacity of your Internet connection. Even if you have a 100Mbps connection, only 25Kb of data will push your connection to its limit on a short 2ms connection.

These are only six of the popular myths that revolve around Internet speed and connection. While we could bust only a few of them, we are sure that there are a lot of misnomers like these going around across the Internet. Only having a double-digit number with Mbps attached to it is not going to ensure that you have that much speed. A lot of factors govern the kind of browser experience you are deemed to have. However, if you have problems with your Internet speed, you can always check it out by yourself. Just visit mywifispeed and you will know if you are getting the connection you paid for.

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