Information You Should Know About Your Wi-Fi

In the present situation, many people are working at home and conducting online classes from home. For this purpose, secure and fast internet service is more relevant than ever.

Considering the value of WiFi in our everyday lives, it’s very shameful that we know so little regarding the technology that helps us to link other countries and their citizens across oceans without any identifiable pause.

So here we would like you to tell about this and we want to ensure you that you must have the best possible online experience. We want to share some helpful tips that you can follow at your home.

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1) Understand your Modem

If you attach to the internet either from a cable, DSL, satellite, or ISP fiber, then you must have a couple of items of equipment to go online. The internet modem is the most relevant among those.

Basically, your modem connects into any forms of data connectivity you have whether wire, telephone, satellite, or fiber and interacts with the network of your ISP. Every modem is obviously different, far beyond obtaining the signal goes, and each one provides you a basic ethernet cable output, that you can then link up to any fixed device to construct an internet connection.

When you just have a modem, you would be eligible to connect to the internet with only one Ethernet-ready unit, like a phone. However, if you want to connect more than one user to the internet, you’ll also need a router, either wired or wireless.

2) Deciding Location Gateway.

Keeping the Gateway in a centralized location is important so that most connecting devices are protected by its scope. Also make sure it is raised and positioned upright, ideally in a clear area free of obstacles.

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3) The Bandwidth Balancing

The speed provided by the Internet is shared by all devices connected to your Wi-Fi, so you can see a decrease in speed depending on how many devices are connected and how much bandwidth each device consumes.

Devices that use huge amounts of data, like streaming media, online games, or uploading big files, can influence your output on Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi Manager, take control of your Wi-Fi experience that shows connected devices and signal power, conduct speed checks, reboot Gateway, and much more.

4) Reboot your Modem

Had trouble connecting to the internet? A quick reboot often does the magic! Start disconnecting the power cord from the modem’s back and test to ensure that all the lights on the modem are shut off. Wait for a few minutes, then put back in the power cord. Wait for the green light to switch, and then try to attach your computer.

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