Influence of Internet on Shopping Format

The Internet has greatly changed the retail face, by providing customers with large quantities of knowledge to make purchases online and creating platforms for customers to get high-quality items & services from brands and retailers.

Consumers can fully skip a brick-and-mortar retail store by analyzing rates and reading feedback from other online customers before they make a purchase. Consumers often use mobile devices and social media platforms for making the decisions of shopping for certain products. Growing of these phenomena has made the sustainability of traditional retail stores.

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Influence of Internet on Shopping – Recent Statistics

The internet has revolutionized the way shoppers engage with retailers and brands. In the past 30 years, the manner customers shop has changed significantly.

  • Online shopping ‘s success has exploded and recent figures show that 51 percent of Americans not only choose to shop online, but 80 percent have made an online order in the previous month alone.
  • IBM did a report demonstrating interviews with 32,000 consumers in the United States, India, China, Brazil, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Most buyers surveyed used at least two platforms to shop, with the most common tools available on the Web and Mobile devices.
  • Seventy-nine percent of people said they intended to download and print Web-based coupons, while 75 percent stated they preferred to access their internet-enabled mobile devices to figure out where the closest store is.
  • Another 66 percent of customers said they thought to verify before going to the store what products a store has in stock.
  • Furthermore, 78 percent of participants said they wished to receive input on product development and availability.

Online Shopping in Today’s World

Making sales in today’s life is actually a normal part of daily life. To the average shopper, the number of people shopping online on a regular basis affects the way e-commerce is evolving. Not only customers searching for the right offer in the present market, but even the affordability and shipping costs are critical considerations as we join a period of ‘I need it and I need it now.’

Numerous influencing aspects of online purchases is social media. Social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram, the power and scope of tailored adverts are catapulting consumer patterns in a new direction.

Real-time feedback and reviews often give consumers a deciding aspect, as many online shoppers are affected by suggestions from social media not just from friends as well as from total strangers. Such massive networks are key marketing platforms for retail outlets and the channel will tend to be a leading factor in the growth of e-commerce as we step into the future.

Future Prediction about E-Commerce

Despite online shopping ‘s pace and success, we can also expect that stores will vanish entirely at a certain stage, and this profound assertion may definitely not be accurate in the current situation. Because there is always the desire for customers to go out and buy.

People may not like shopping in-store but looking at the items, smelling them, and seeing them for themselves is what customers often want when they have to decide what to purchase.


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