5 Most Effective Ways to Fix Your Slow Internet Connection

Slow internet connection is something no one ever wants to deal with. But sometime when you have slow internet connection, rather than refreshing your browser repeatedly you can try some simple hacks to speed up your internet connection speed.

1. Test your internet speed

To test your internet speed, you can visit www.mywifispeed.com & run an internet speed test. Once you have the results, try cross checking it with your internet speed plan which you have taken from your internet service provider. If these matches well then you can check with your service provider to upgrade your plan which will help you to fix your slow internet speed issue. On other side if the numbers you have checked on mywifispeed does not match to the plan you have from your internet service provider, you can do some fixes to get that back on track.

2. Restart Your Device

It does not matter what device you are on, whether it’s a laptop, mobile or a tablet. Just restart your device & try to run a test again on mywifispeed & check the results.

3. Troubleshoot/Restart Wifi Router

Even after restarting your device, if it does not fix then go ahead & restart your wifi router. Restarting your router clears its memory, restart tasks that might have stalled. Which might help you to get your internet speed back on track once again.

4. Check with you Internet Service Provider

If you have already done all the troubleshooting processes, then this is the time to call up your internet service provider & ask them if they have done something at their end which is impacting your internet speed. And if they say yes and ask you to wait until they fix it, then stay back & sit relaxed until you hear back from them

5. Try another Internet Service Provider

Last but not least; even after putting so many complaints to your service provider if your problem is still not fixed, then now its time to change your internet service provider. Which might help you to get the internet speed as per your requirement. Do not forget to try researching over internet & taking recommendations from friends before choosing one. Once you have an internet from the new service provider, do not forget to check your internet speed on mywifispeed website.

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